What I am doing now TEST

What I am doing now

Posted on Published April 9, 2020 by alexjv89

Context: Seeing Derek Sivers’ now page, I am inspired to create one myself. This is my now page. Learn more now pages.

I have been planning to work on something of my own for a long time. I love to make things – make electronics, make software, make products, make companies etc. For the last 4 years and 3 months, I have been working with Ather as head of business software. My original plan was to work at Ather for 6 months and start something, but then life happened and 6 months plan become 4 year plan.

End of march 2020, my gig with Ather is finally done and I am planning to work on a bunch of things. These are the things that I am most excited to work on:

  • mralbert – A GST filing service for freelancers and consultants (only in India)
  • cashflowy – An open source accounting software for small business owners
  • switchless.io – An open source tech stack that helps reduce your switching cost.
  • asyncauto – A specialised software consulting dev shop.
  • highlyreco – Recommendations from people you look up to.

A pinch of self doubt

I do have a good amount of self doubt. Will I be successful in atleast one of these products? Will I make enough money to survive, if not thrive? Will I have to go back to a regular job. Timing is also something that I am slightly bothered by. I quit job at a time when markets are not doing well due to the corona situation.

Here is how I mitigate my self doubt:

  • I am reasonably skilled.
  • I have enough money saved up to last me a year
  • I really enjoy working on my own/I hate working in a large company. I really really don’t want to go back and get a job.