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Alex J V - About me

Key interests:

I like to think of myself as having 2 key interests:

Work ex:

Apr 2020 - Current - Founder at Mr Albert

We help small business with GST filing. As a small business, you already have a ton of things to do. Have over GST filing responsibility to Mr Albert and you can focus on your business. Mr Albert gets your GST filing done accurately and hassle free.

I write code, write documentation, manage operations(parts of it), does sales, does marketing etc etc. I have a lot of fun. We got 10 paying customers. Scaling this right now.

Its funny, I am a little hesitant calling myself a founder. You think of these folks who run big businesses as founders. Given a chance I like to call myself the chief maker of Mr Albert! Anyway.

Jan 2016 - Mar 2020 - Head of business software at Ather Energy

This was initially meant to be a 6 months gig before I started something on my own but it ended up being 4years. This is a little funny role to explain. I was working as a consultant. Consultants dont have people reporting to them. But due to circumstances, while I was working as a consultant, I was funtioning as head of the team as well.

With the team, we build the software to optimise business processes. This includes - customer portal, vehicle purchase subsystems, vehicle maintainence subsystems, scooter backend, charging infrastruture backend etc to name a few

June 2015 - Dec 2015 - Growth Architect at Postman

I joined postman right after I closed down Makeystreet(my startup). I worked as growth architect, helping figure out how to grow the company further.. Tangible contributions - contributed to setting up data analytics infrastructure and did a good amount of PM work.

I did not stay at postman for long. I loved working with the postman team. But at that time, I had my own insecurities. I just closed down a startup that I put in a lot of effort into. I had blood in my mouth. I was not thinking straight. I wanted to build something, not work somewhere. In hindsight, given that I anyway stayed at Ather for 4 years, I should have stayed at postman instead. Mistakes maketh a man.

2011 - June 2015 - Founder at Makeystreet

This was a dream project. I was passionate maker but a lousy entrepreneur. I kind of wanted to create a maker revolution. Obviously that never happened. During this time, I had a few projects - Tangle was one of the most interesting. I was lousy at selling stuff, but good at making stuff.


2007 - 2012 - Dual degree - Engineering Design from IIT Madras.

Did I mention I like to make stuff? I started college at IIT Madras as a civil engineering student. Given that I like to make stuff, and Department of engineering design was about making products, I shifted to this department in my first year. Loved it every since.

Alex on the internet: