My name is Alex. The one thing that you need to know about me is that I like to make things. This blog is sort of a how-to/showcase of some of the projects I work on.

I graduated from IIT Madras with a dual degree from Department of  Engineering Design in 2012. Post that I spend about 3 years attempting to build a company. This did not work out very well. Closed that down and joined Postman as their growth architect. I stayed there for about a year. From Jan 2016, I have been consulting for Ather Energy to help them build their business software. In between I had consulted for IKP EDEN as well.

Currently, I am still consulting for Ather Energy.

If you are a small startup and is struggling with building a quality engineering team within your organization, I can help. Drop me a mail @ alex[at]highlyreco.com