Use trix as rich text editor TEST

Use trix as rich text editor

Trix used with semantic ui

Semantic UI does not support a native wysiwyg. Trix by Basecamp team is a very elegant rich text editor (wysiwyg).

Use the sails-business-stack-generator to install trix in your sails project.

Sample code for using trix.

<div class="field">
    <label>Summary of work for this subscription</label>
    <input id='report_body' type="hidden" name="report_body" placeholder="write your summary here" value="<%=dr.body%>">
    <trix-editor input="report_body"></trix-editor>

Things to note about the above code – 1) trix editor has an attribute called input. This should be the id of the input element on which the trix editor is applied. 2) Also make sure that this page includes the trix js and trix css.

<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='/trix/trix.css'> 			
<script type='text/javascript' src='/trix/trix.js'></script> 	

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