Making the decision to purchase – How to visualise value TEST

Making the decision to purchase – How to visualise value

Why I want to purchase visualise value course?

  • WordPress sites are only as good as the theme is
  • I only have good taste. I can tell good from bad. Not able to convert taste into real world stuff
  • Spend hours trying to find the best theme and it still falls short
  • The price will increase – I will not be able to afford it then

Where will I put this in practice

For the next 3 months I will be focusing on building Mr Albert (gst filing service for self employed indians) and Asyncauto ( a specialised dev shop). I will use the learning from this and try and improved the messaging on these.

For Mr Albert I have a recurring revenue of

and for Asyncauto I have one active client.

Landing page for Mr Albert looks like this:

Landing page for Asyncauto looks like this:

Outcome I would like to have with this course:

The landing pages above look sort of ok. If I am able to polish these and additionally bring in significant more revenue, then this will be worth it. Hopefully I can show some output in 3 months time.

Bet that I am taking: